4 Symptoms That Warn That It Is Time to Visit an Optometrist in Madison, AL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2020


When aspirin and a good night’s rest prove to be no match for vision troubles, it is time to get an expert involved. Here are four unmistakable signs that it is past time for an eye examination.

Blurry or Obstructed Vision

Blurry vision, shadows, and other distortions are a huge cause for concern. These types of issues can indicate that damage has been done to the retina, or it can manifest as a symptom of an undiagnosed health condition.

Constant Squinting

For some people, squinting to see things that are both near and far is quite the norm. However, squinting is one of the most obvious signs of deteriorating vision. Scheduling an appointment with a doctor of optometry in Madison, AL, is the best line of defense for this progressive issue.

Frequent Headaches

If a headache is persistent and seems to become worse when the eyes are being put to the test, it is time to get them examined. This pain may be the most noticeable after hours of staring at a brightly-lit screen.

Painful or Itchy Eyes

Optometry in Madison, AL, can come in handy when a person begins to experience physical discomfort. Pain, itchiness, or soreness that doesn’t subside within a day or so warns that there is a need for immediate medical attention.

When the eyes are in trouble, a person’s wellbeing suffers. Take action quickly by scheduling an eye exam with a trusted optometrist at Specs of Madison.

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