4 Things To Consider Before A Residential AC Installation In Haines City FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2018


If a homeowner is buying their first air conditioning system or if they are replacing their current system, it is important that they choose the best system for their home. Before homeowners hire a professional for Residential AC Installation in Haines City FL, there are a few things that they should consider.

Consider the Size

It is important that the homeowner chooses the right size unit for the size of their home. If the unit is too small, the house won’t get cool when the weather is very hot. If the unit is too large, it will turn off and on constantly, and it will use a lot of electricity unnecessarily. If the homeowner isn’t sure what size air conditioner they will need, they should contact an air conditioning professional.

Consider the Coolant

It is important that the homeowner consider the coolant in the system that they choose. Currently, the federal government is working on banning R22 Freon. If the homeowner is looking at a system that uses this type of Freon, they should keep looking. Since these units will soon become obsolete, the homeowner is better off buying a unit that uses a different type of Freon.

You Don’t Need a Full Renovation

Years ago, if homeowners were going to have an air conditioning unit installed in their home, they would need to have a full renovation done to install the ductwork. This is no longer the case. Homeowners can choose a ductless, mini-split system, where the techs would only need to install indoor air handlers, which do not require any renovation. They would only need to make a small hole in the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units.

Think About the Thermostat

If the homeowner currently has a thermostat installed in the home, they can use it for their new system. If the thermostat is not a programmable version, they should consider replacing it. A programmable thermostat can save the homeowner hundreds of dollars each year on their cooling costs. They can set the thermostat to automatically go up or down, depending on their needs throughout the day and night.

The air conditioning system that the homeowner chooses will have a lot to do with how cool the home will be and the amount of money that they will spend on their cooling costs. For more information on Residential AC Installation in Haines City FL, click here.

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