5 Benefits of Teeth Implants in Queens, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Teeth implants in Queens NY are the best way to restore damaged or missing teeth, but why do dentists recommend them so often? If a patient is not familiar with the implant process, they should consider the below benefits of implants.

Implants are Built for Longevity and Function

Dental implants work, look and feel just like a person’s natural teeth, which makes them a long-term solution. While some implants may need periodic adjustment, the same porcelain crown and titanium implant can last the rest of a patient’s life with proper care.

They Offer Reassurance to Patients

Today’s dental implants allow patients to enjoy life without worrying about the feel, sound, or look of their teeth. Not only can implants improve a patient’s appearance if they’re missing teeth, but they also stay in place, unlike dentures. Patients can eat the foods they love without worrying about the implants slipping, sliding, or falling out.

They’re Simple to Maintain

Dental implants are cleaned in the same way as natural teeth with twice-daily brushing and flossing. Patients don’t have to buy special cleaning solutions and soak dentures overnight. Unlike bridges, the patient no longer has to dislodge food particles as they become trapped in the dental work.

They Preserve the Teeth and Bone Structure

Those with missing teeth often have a sunken, sagging faces. However, teeth implants in Queens NY can help a patient retain his or her face’s shape. Without supporting teeth, the jawbone can gradually deteriorate, but implants help to stimulate and preserve the bones, preventing bone loss.

Implants can protect the teeth as well. While bridges require preparation of the adjacent teeth, implants are put into the jawbone without affecting healthy surrounding teeth. By filling these empty spaces, patients can prevent gradual shifting of the teeth.

Implants Have a Long, Successful History

Dental implants have been used for many years and have been proven as reliable and predictable as other dental restoration methods. Patients have received dental implants since the mid-1960s, and time proves that they are often a better option than dentures, partials, and bridges.

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