5 Signs A Homeowner Should Hire A Professional For Septic Repair In McDonough, GA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


A septic system is a very efficient, self-contained underground treatment system for wastewater. If a homeowner has a septic system that contains the home’s wastewater, it is important that they can recognize the signs that homeowner should call a professional in Septic Repair in McDonough GA. The sooner the problem is fixed, the less chance there is of a septic system failure.

Gurgling Sounds From the Pipes

When the homeowner flushes the toilet or when the water goes down the drain, there should be no strange sounds. If they hear a gurgling sound, the is a good chance the tank needs to be pumped, or there is some other issue. If this happens, the homeowner should hire a professional immediately.

Issues Flushing the Toilet

If the homeowner flushes a toilet and the water won’t go down, the first thing they should do is plunge the toilet. If that doesn’t work, they should call a professional. If the water won’t go down with a plunger, it either means the tank is full and needs to be pumped, or there is a serious clog in the pipe.

Water Backup

If the homeowner finds that water has backed up when they use the washing machine, or if it has backed up into the home or the yard, it is a sign the septic system has failed. This is an emergency situation and will require immediate assistance from a septic tank professional.

Foul Odors In the Yard

If the homeowner walks out their door and smells a foul odor, it could be the septic system. If raw sewage has escaped from the tank, it will make the whole area around the home stink.

Patches Of Standing Water

If the homeowner notices that there are patches of standing water on the lawn, they should contact a professional immediately. The problem could be that the system is failing and dirty water is accumulating the drain field. This can create a major health hazard. The homeowner should contact a professional immediately to repair the problem.

If a homeowner has a septic system, they should be able to recognize the signs they need Septic Repair in McDonough GA. For more information, contact MTG Services.

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