5 Things About Finding a Senior Companion Program

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2019


There are senior companion programs made up of volunteers that visit seniors and help them with daily tasks. If you are the primary caregiver for your parent or grandparent, then finding a senior companion program in Chevy Chase Village can be a huge help to you. Here are a few things you should know when you look for one.

Research your options

Do your homework. Find out if there is a senior companion program in Chevy Chase Village. Once you find them, determine how you can find one to visit your elderly loved one.

Look at care agencies

There are care agencies that may offer you the resources and information you need to find these programs. If you need a vacation or a few days off, though, then find someone who can stay and look after your loved one far longer than a volunteer can. Consider hiring a home caregiver instead.

Ask around

If there is a senior companion program in your area, then someone in your community has likely used its services before. Reach out to friends, neighbors and contacts to ask them about their experience. That can help you decide if getting into the program is a good idea or if hiring the services of a home caregiver may be a far better option for you and your family.

Consider your needs

What kind of help does your parent need? Do they need someone to prepare their meals, remind them to take their medication, take them to doctor’s visits, or tidy up the yard? Then hiring a home caregiver is a must. If your parent requires more and more help, then securing the services of a caregiver is the best solution for you.

Check for credentials

Find someone with the right credentials. Ask the agency if it performs background checks. For a trusted care solutions provider, contact Capital City Nurses.

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