5 Things to Know Before You Move into a Sober Living Home

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


If you’re not quite ready to get back into the real world, scouting around for sober living homes in Pompano Beach can be the right solution. But how will you know if you should pick that one or not? The following tips can help:

Know what it is

The Gazette Review defines a sober house as a halfway point between addicted and sober living. It basically involves living in the same home or facility along with other people who are there for the same reasons you are: trying to kick a drug habit. Social workers and professionals monitor the residents. Once you’re clear on what a sober living facility is, you’ll have a better idea what to look for.

Is it safe?

Make sure the facility or home is in a safe area. One that’s close to nature is ideal since nature often has a relaxing and soothing effect on most people. It should also be isolated enough to provide residents with privacy but near to a town at the same time so grocery runs are convenient.

What are the rules?

Not all sober living homes in Pompano Beach enforce the same rules for their residents so picking the right one for you becomes even more important. Some of these rules might seem impossible at first but given enough time, you’ll find it easy to comply with these rules. Compliance will also help build long-term discipline which can improve your chances of a faster recovery.

Is it comfortable?

Does it feel like a home? Is it neat and clean? Some sober houses put two residents in a room or in groups together so keep that in mind. Others offer private rooms along with a host of amenities.

What do you think of the program?

Before you pick a home, make sure you pay a visit to the facility to see for yourself if a long-term stay is possible for you or not.

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