5 Tips for Company Owners Needing Truck Repair Experts in Lancaster County PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


In the trucking industry, breakdowns can be expensive, and cost reduction is a primary concern for fleet managers. By looking at the hidden costs of mechanical failure, a manager can begin to determine how to reduce expenses. The tips below can help company owners and managers reduce the severity and frequency of breakdowns, which is the first step in saving money.

Improve the Company’s Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive care is the first and strongest defense against breakdowns. By setting up automated notifications, managers can stay on top of each vehicle’s maintenance needs. The team at Sindalltruckservice.com will consider the manufacturer’s recommended intervals including mileage, calendar time and engine hours. Customers should consider that more frequent preventive maintenance may be necessary in heavy-duty applications.

Bundle Services Where Possible

When it is time for service on a commercial vehicle, a company owner should be able to see which services are due, which are pending or deferred, and whether there are any recalls to consider. With a vehicle already in the care of truck repair experts in Lancaster County PA, trained technicians can take care of all of its service needs at one time.

Don’t Keep Delaying Required Maintenance

While some companies defer necessary maintenance to meet certain productivity goals, the time-saving strategy only works to an extent. Eventually, deferred truck maintenance will result in time-consuming and expensive breakdowns. While putting off service appointments may result in temporary savings, prolonged vehicle downtime can negate any gains.

Consider the Importance of Fleet Data

Truck repair experts in Lancaster County PA can provide a significant amount of data that can help companies avoid unscheduled expenses. Companies can analyze this data and use the information to take a proactive approach to asset maintenance. With a defensive strategy, corporate customers can avoid sudden service calls and future breakdowns.

Take a Step in the Right Direction

While all machines fail eventually, preventive maintenance can help keep commercial trucks on the road longer. Customers should review the company’s most recent mechanical failures to determine hidden costs, and they should consider the steps taken to reduce the likelihood and frequency of truck breakdowns. By using the tips above, corporate clients can get maintenance and repair expenses under control.

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