5 Trigger Points That Say You Need a Marriage Counselor

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Relationships take work. But while it’s normal for couples to go through problems, there are some trigger points and behaviors that suggest you and your partner may require counseling. Here are a few signs you should think about seeking out the help of the best marriage counselors in Los Angeles CA.

You aren’t communicating

Communication overcomes a lot of difficulties that couples may face. However, if you and your partner find it difficult to talk or if communication has already deteriorated, then it counseling can help you get that back on track, the Huffington Post suggests.

The talk always turns negative

Not all kinds of communication are all right, though. Negative communication between you and your partner—which includes making each other feel shamed, disregarded, judged or more—can lead to emotional abuse. Before any further damage to the relationship, it’s best to look for the best marriage counselors in Los Angeles CA for help and counseling.

You’re afraid to talk

If you’re afraid to bring up issues because you fear what each other might say, then that’s a problem. Counseling can help you both bring these issues to light and openly talk about them to arrive at a satisfactory resolution.

When affection is withheld

In relationships, it’s normal for couples to be angry. But if you start withholding affection when you get angry over small things, that can undermine your respect and love for each other. If someone starts acting the punisher, then that indicates a lack of balance in the relationship and that’s something you two will need to talk about.

When you are keeping secrets

Everyone has a right to privacy. But if you’re keeping secrets that can hurt the relationship, that’s something that needs to be addressed. Counseling can help you get the courage you need to disclose those secrets.

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