5 Ways To Ensure High Quality In Customized Magnets

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Business


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Most of us barely purchase magnets, which is why when the time for purchasing comes, we are often left clueless regarding what attributes to look for in high quality customized magnets. For instance, we often tend to look at how a certain magnet looks as opposed to whether it will last a long time or not. Here are the top 5 ways in which we can ensure that the customized magnets we are buying are of high quality:

1. The Magnetic Strength

A magnet should have 30 mil of thickness with a thickness of 20 mil on the region of the magnet along with the printed side being 10 mil. This thickness will allow for a sturdy magnet that will stick well to a magnetic surface and make sure that it is able to hold as much as 5 paper pieces together. You can also remove and stick this magnet as many times as you wish without it losing its magnetic abilities. A thinner magnet will not stick and will even lose the little effectiveness that it has very soon.

2. Aesthetics

It is very important to take into account how a custom magnet looks. Having bleed edges is a great way to ensure that you get a quality finish. Bleed edges let the ink go up till the edges whereas non-bleed edges end up having a white border around the magnet.

3. Durability

The durability of custom magnets will depend on their thickness as well as lamination. You should buy custom magnets that are laminated using UV nylon. This will offer great protection to the magnet against fading, cleaners, and liquids.

4. Print Resolution

Low resolution print magnets will look just plain awful, and since magnets are always viewed very closely, it is important to only go with those having a high resolution print. And when it comes to high resolution prints, there are certain images such as landscapes and personal portraits that really stand out and look great.

5. Color

When it comes to custom magnets, another very important factor to consider is color. Always go for full photographic color when purchasing magnets because they will end up giving the most authentic look and feel to any magnet.

No matter when you want to purchase custom magnets, be sure that you look into the high quality ones as opposed to the inferior ones. Just by looking at the magnets, you will get to know whether they are worth investing in or not. After all, when these magnets are put on your fridge or in your car, you would want them to look great and have a certain appeal to them.

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