5 Ways to Keep Your Surveying Tools and Systems in Shape

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Your GNSS surveying systems come with a given service life. Here are a few essential reminders to make sure your systems last:

Routine annual maintenance

This is one way to keep your systems in shape and running for as long as possible. Make sure you schedule this one on a regular basis. Surveying systems are often utilized under stressful conditions, says Civil Eng, so you’ll want to make sure the systems are in tip top shape after every use. Since dusty construction sites or extreme weather conditions often take a toll on the equipment, performing maintenance checks helps in finding and repairing minor issues and problems.

Visual checks

Be sure to look over your systems and equipment before and after every use. That should alert you to any problems or issues that might require immediate repairs. This helps prevent minor complications from turning into major ones.

Pick a reliable service

Look for a service company that offers repair assistance and support in your area. Going local for repair services can save you on costs and time. However, if this isn’t possible, then go online and look for repair services that are near enough to where you are.

Transport care

Bad transportation methods and practices can result in major damage to your equipment and tools. You’ll want to take precautions when you put any of your surveying instruments on a transport vehicle. Prevent the equipment from being tossed around during transport by securing them in place and providing protective layers in between. Use the right containers as well.

Train your crew

An organized crew, one that’s been properly and consistently trained in the care, use, transport and handling of your GNSS surveying systems is ideal. This way, you can count on your tools to last you for many, many years down the road.

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