6 Things to Expect When Your AC Needs Repair

Posted By : alex , on Jul, 2014


Places like St. Petersburg, FL, often remind us that there is nothing better than a beach vacation, but also that the heat can be excruciatingly tortuous. On a day without AC, now that is a whole different level of torture. The humidity is out of this world. There will inevitably be times when your A/C needs repair, so make the wise choice to start planning now, and most importantly, know what to expect so that you aren’t ripped off. Whether you need AC repair in St. Petersburg or Los Angeles or Syracuse, take these 6 pieces of advice to heart so that you choose a quality contractor with which to do business.

Personal Customer Service

When you call an AC company, you should be able to directly reach its office, not an automated call service. You want to know that you are going to be helped as soon as possible, not kept waiting as your face melts away. A company’s quality of customer service is a measure of its ability to do the job right.

Same Day Service

One may argue that a good AC repair service is constantly on demand and therefore will squeeze you into its list of repairs as soon as it can, but who wants to be kept waiting for more than a day? A good service knows how to anticipate demand and hire enough employees to ensure that you are provided with same day service. Furthermore, many companies provide 24 hour service, which is convenient when you have a problem in the middle of the night.

Extensive Knowledge

A top air conditioner repair company possesses years of experience and extensively trains all of its employees so that they know how to handle any problem. With the long list of A/C brands that exist – from Lennox to Maytag to Trane to Carrier – your service provider should know how all systems work.

Fair Prices

Do not let yourself fall victim to a deal that sounds too good to be true. On average, AC repairs cost between $70-$400, depending on the issue and depending on where you live. Companies that claim to waive certain fees may be trying to scam you by hiking up other prices or creating conditional terms. Make sure to read the fine print!

Return Parts

Your AC service provider should have no problem returning parts to you that were replaced on your unit. Some people ask for these parts as confirmation that they were actually replaced, or because they want to reuse them.

Explain Your Issue

From electrical issues to problems with the system, your repairman should proactively inform you as to the nature of your problem before you even have to ask. Also, he/she should inform you as to actions you can take to prevent similar AC problems in the future.

Looking for AC repair in St. Petersburg or the surrounding area?

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