6 Ways to Find a Salon and End Your Bad Hair Days

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


Botched cuts and bad hair days are no fun. Finding the best hair salon in Houston is one way to repair the damage to your hair. Here’s how:

Get referrals

Put your network to good use. Ask friends and family for tips and referrals. This can save you on a ton of time and effort.


Browse online for the best hair salon in Houston. This should give you plenty of leads. Browse through your social media pages as well. Many hair stylists use these pages to show their work.

Ask about services

If you want color treatments or if you have naturally curly hair, it’s best to find out if the salon employs stylists who can efficiently deal with these. If that’s not the case, spare yourself the trouble and go to another salon.

Read reviews

Reviews offer an easy way for you to hear what about customers think about the salon’s service. While a ton of positive reviews might be taken with a grain of salt, bad reviews should make you reconsider the thought of booking an appointment with that salon.

Choose a stylist

Sometimes, it’s all about picking the right stylist. If you want to make sure you get great results, you might want to request for one of the salon’s senior stylists when you make an appointment. They’re often skilled so you’ll be in good hands.

Try it out    

Keep in mind that your needs might be different from their needs so don’t go for a haircut right away. Book a consultation or try out a different service.

That should make it easy for you to find out a lot about the salon and see for yourself how they treat customers before you decide to come back for another appointment or book one elsewhere, says Curly By Nature.

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