A Behavioral Health Center in Beaumont, TX Helps Patients With Psychiatric Disorders Continue Being Good Parents

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


When a divorced parent is on the brink of losing custody of the children due to mental health issues, it is time to seek help from a Behavioral Health Center in Beaumont TX. The person may be suffering from depression that makes it difficult to simply get out of bed. There may be signs that the individual could have bipolar disorder. These disorders are treatable with proper medication and a period of intensive outpatient counseling.

Effective Assistance

With effective assistance from a Behavioral Health Center in Beaumont TX, the parent with a mental health disorder should have no trouble continuing to take good care of the children. A parent raising a child without the other parent in the home may want to ask for some help from friends and family members, if possible, to lower stress, especially if the person must work full-time hours or even more.

Better Awareness of Mental Health Issues

The person may worry that he or she will be judged negatively if having to admit to a psychiatric disorder, but the counselors at the center can help with strategies to manage this worry. People in the person’s life can be educated with authoritative literature about the diagnosis.

In addition, with substantially more awareness about these issues now than was available decades ago, nearly everyone knows somebody who has been diagnosed with a problem such as clinical depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Children’s Well-Being

Family courts typically do not remove children from the home unless there is a serious problem that affects the children’s well-being. By participating in an outpatient program at a center such as Riceland Healthcare, the client shows dedication to being an excellent parent and raising the children so they are happy and healthy. The well-being of the youngsters is the most important thing.


These disorders are relatively common, which is another reason an individual should not feel embarrassed. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that nearly three percent of the U.S. population over 18 years of age has bipolar disorder. That’s nearly six million adults. Clinical depression is more than twice as prevalent.

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