A Brief Look at the Zika Virus in Wisconsin, and What Pest Control Services in Eau Claire WI Have to Say About It

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Pest Control


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The Zika virus is buzzing in Wisconsin and throughout the nation. There have been a handful of Zika virus cases in the state, and that has turned up the alarm in the community. What is the lowdown on the Zika virus? Who should be most concerned? The below is a brief look at the virus, and what Pest Control Services in Eau Claire WI can do to help.

Zika virus causes rashes, joint pain, and other relatively minor ailments. Sometimes, it causes no symptoms at all. Yet, a mosquito can transfer it from these individuals to another. In general, the Zika virus is not a major threat to most people. It can cause some issues, and potentially lead to medication, but it is not life-threatening for anyone who is in a healthy standing.

What professionals are concerned about is those who are pregnant. Zika virus can cause brain defects in unborn children. This is where professionals are directing their concern, considering the majority of Zika-related ailments are minor and treatable.

Wisconsin has an advantage. The type of mosquito that typically carries the Zika virus is aegypti. It is not native to Wisconsin. It is actually quite uncommon in the United States, and nearly all Zika cases in the US so far have been trailed back to tropical regions where the patients traveled from. It can spread from there, but thankfully the disease is quite limited in the United States.

The Zika virus is not good, but it is not a catastrophe. Death from Zika virus is rare, and usually occurs in individual’s that have outstanding medical issues. In all, Pest Control Services in Eau Claire WI recommend wearing spray to avoid mosquito bites in general. There are worse threats out there, such as the explosive growth of brown ticks in the region.

Mosquitoes are, admittedly, a major opposition with 1st Choice Pest Solutions. There are other ailments that are common with mosquitoes, particularly the reclusive but dangerous West Nile Virus. So far, the Zika virus is a minor concern that requires a little proactive protection. Pest control recommends use spray, keeping the yard maintained, and getting a service to do a home inspection.

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