A Company That Does Truck Salvage in New Haven CT Provides Parts for Cosmetic and Functional Repairs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Some handy individuals make a good side living by buying vehicles with collision damage and fixing them up for resale. These cars and pickup trucks haven’t been declared a total loss or experienced major damage to the frame. Instead, they might have been in a fender bender and wound up with a partially crumpled hood, a severely dented side panel or some other cosmetic defect. The person fixing up these vehicles becomes a regular customer at a company for car and truck salvage in New Haven CT. There, he or she finds the components necessary to get that automobile back into respectable condition.

Simply replacing a noticeably dented door or another component can boost a vehicle’s market value substantially. The average person doesn’t have a clue how to go about this, but the individual who fixes up vehicles with this type of collision damage sizes up the problem quickly and makes a plan. It’s entirely possible to buy an older model with a dented door for $800 and pick up a door for that model for $100 at a company for Truck Salvage in New Haven CT. With some primer and spray paint, along with a bit of time and elbow grease, the individual gets the pickup looking great again. The truck now might command $1,800 on the open market, simply because of that cosmetic improvement.

In contrast, sometimes a vehicle’s body is still in great shape, but a major component fails. A person with a pickup truck at 250,000 miles that experiences engine failure may not want to junk the truck. Instead, a friend, relative or acquaintance who is skilled in auto repair can install a used engine picked up at a salvage yard. This can be a savvy decision on the part of a vehicle owner who has taken excellent care of the truck and can spend significantly less on this repair job than would be required to buy a used truck, even with high mileage. In that case, the buyer also doesn’t know how the truck had been cared for over the years and risks another major breakdown relatively soon. Contact us for more information on salvage auto parts.

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