A Comparison Of Commercial Carpet Squares And Broadloom Carpet

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jul, 2016


There are many options to choose from in commercial flooring, but carpeting is the most frequently used indoor flooring material. Compared with wood and concrete flooring, carpet adds warmth to the overall look of a business space. There are two types of carpet: broadloom (or roll) carpet and Commercial Carpet Squares. Both options provide an attractive and comfortable floor, and both have distinct advantages.


Broadloom carpet is also known as wall-to-wall carpet, and it has a continuous design. It is manufactured in a nearly infinite array of colors and patterns, so it is easy to find a style that perfectly complements a room.

Carpet squares, likewise, come in many patterns, colors, and textures, and they offer some design options not possible with wall-to-wall carpet. For example, different colors or patterns of tiles can alternate to create a checkerboard effect or a jigsaw puzzle design. However, seams between carpet tiles are more visible than seams between carpet rolls.


Broadloom carpet is laid on top of a carpet pad over the floor substrate. A thick carpet pad gives extra cushioning for the feet and makes the carpet very comfortable to stand or walk on.

Carpet squares have a backing, but they lie directly on the floor, so they provide a firmer surface.


Broadloom carpet is manufactured in wide rolls that are laid down side by side and cut to size. As mentioned above, the rolls are laid on top of a carpet pad that can disguise any flaws in the floor beneath. The carpet pad must also be cut to fit the size of the room.

Carpet squares come pre-cut and include an underlayer. Consequently, less cutting is required when installing squares, and no carpet pad has to be placed. This makes carpet square installation faster and less expensive than installation of broadloom carpet.


The best broadloom carpet comes with a moisture backing that protects it from stains and mildew. However, if the & wall-to-wall carpet gets wet and starts to mold it will have to be taken up and professionally cleaned.

Carpet tile is easier to maintain because tiles can be removed, cleaned, or replaced individually.

While carpet tile has many advantages, particularly in design options, wall-to-wall carpet remains the most common choice in commercial settings. For more information about Commercial Carpet Squares, visit Carpetclearancewarehouse.com. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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