A Connection Between Alcohol and Domestic Violence in Tacoma, WA

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jul, 2019


When looking at Domestic Violence in Tacoma WA, it’s easy to ask why. Why would he hit her like that? Why would she stay so long? Does he do it because he’s drinking too much? Possibly so. According to recent statistics, there is a definite connection between drug/alcohol abuse and domestic violence. Is it a cause and effect relationship? Perhaps not, but they’re definitely linked. Domestic abuse studies indicate higher rates of alcohol and/or drug use not only impair one’s judgment but reduce a person’s inhibitions. Further, they increase aggression. Along with domestic abuse, child abuse and incest all seem to be inter-related with too much alcohol.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Domestic violence research studies report two-thirds of all spousal violence victims state the abuser had been drinking. A worldwide study of partner violence showed the odds of violence were higher if one or both of the couple had substance abuse issues as opposed to a relationship where no alcohol was consumed by either person.

Does Alcohol Cause Domestic Violence in Tacoma WA?

Experts state that no, alcohol does not cause domestic violence, and there’s no real evidence to say it does. Some research shows men who drink excessively have a higher rate of injury-related assaults, however, most men labeled as high-level drinkers do not abuse their family members. Further, many abusive acts occur with no alcohol in sight.

What Causes Violence?

So, one has to wonder what causes this violence in partners if it’s not the alcohol. In fact, according to industry specialists, the cause of abuse, when combined with alcohol, is actually two social problems combined. Controlling finances, sexual violence and intimidation are a part of the tools of the abuser with little connection to an addiction to alcohol. Abuse is a learned act in society and not the result of alcohol abuse or mental illness, state the experts. By blaming the addiction, the men attempt to shrug off the responsibility of their actions. However, it must be said the consumption of alcohol in and of itself does not make one abuse another. However, some find it easier to think the violence would never have occurred if the alcohol had not been taken.

Common Denominator

In a world filled with denial, it’s true alcoholism and spousal abuse share similar qualities. Both can be passed down from parents and grandparents and both involve a minimalization of issues at large.

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