A Criminal Lawyer in Singapore Can Help You Achieve the Best Possible Outcome

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2023


When an individual is arrested for a sex or drug offense, DUI, high-level felonies, misdemeanors of protective orders, they need to hire a criminal lawyer in Singapore. The best outcome of any criminal case involves the legal knowledge of a criminal lawyer and not a public defender. A criminal lawyer can identify any loopholes in a case to begin building a defense. An individual should never represent themselves and need to remember that a public defender is paid by the same county or state as the prosecutor is being paid by.

Violation of Protection Orders

When an individual is charged with a violation of a protection order, they may think it’s a personal matter and not part of a criminal case. A violation can result in a criminal record, jail time and the loss of many visitation rights to their children. In contested divorces, a claim of domestic violence or a violation of a protection order is common when one person wants to gain leverage on the other party and a criminal lawyer in Singapore can and will protect the accused individual’s rights.

A DUI Charge

A DUI may not seem like a very big deal to many individuals, but the fact is, this type of charge is enhanced for each subsequent violation after the initial one. It’s important for an individual to fight the first or any subsequent charges, so it doesn’t affect their insurance rates, criminal record, or life forever.

Sex Offenses

When an individual is charged with a sex offense, it can result in the individual to register as a sex offender the rest of their life in any location they live in. This can be embarrassing when an individual is trying to correct the mistakes they’ve made in their life and with the help of a criminal attorney, these types of charges could be reduced when the evidence isn’t very reliable.

Bishop Law Corp. has years of experience representing individuals who have charged with a criminal offense. They will fight from the beginning to the end of the case defending the accused individual.

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