A Dental Malpractice Attorney Can Explain What Clients Should Know About a Lawsuit in Georgia

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


People with oral issues go to the dentist to have those problems resolved. Depending on the procedure, they may have to go to a dental specialist, such as an orthodontist or an oral surgeon. Most times, these procedures go well and there are no problems. However, there are times when the dental professional makes a mistake at a terrible expense to the patient. This is when the patient will most likely hire an attorney and sue the dentist for medical malpractice. A dental malpractice attorney in Carrollton has been representing clients who were the patients of unfortunate dental services.

Clients who suffer a dental error in Georgia should realize the state has a two-year year statute of limitations on medical malpractice lawsuits. If the client fails to file the lawsuit within two years after the malpractice, they will not have their day in court and no damages will be recovered. When it comes to recovering damages, there are two types in Georgia: special damages and general damages. Special damages are awarded for issues such as medical bills and other items that can be proved with receipts and bills.

Georgia also employs the comparative fault rule, which could actually come up in a medical malpractice case. If the medical professional can prove the patient contributed to whatever error happened, damages can be reduced by the percentage the patient is found responsible for. Although this rarely comes up as an issue, the fact it is possible should be enough to alert the patient to ensure he or she hires a competent personal injury attorney to fight fervently for his or her rights.

The law offices of Diane M. Sternlieb have been offering personal injury solutions for clients in the Carrollton, Georgia, area for more than 11 years. In addition to practicing personal injury law, such as dental malpractice, they also practice in the areas of family law and divorce law. Clients are offered an initial free consultation. If any clients are interested in personal injury representation, such as for dental malpractice, and need a dental malpractice attorney, the lawyers are available. Visit the website at Dsternlieblaw.com.

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