A Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Can Generate Soothing Warmth in Your Living Space

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on May, 2019


Fireplaces have come a long distance in terms of functionality and technology compared to only decades ago. The wood-burning fireplaces of the past required the user to put in significant preparation and maintenance time than the modern units of today – this includes the modern direct vent natural gas fireplace.

Direct Vent Fireplace Function
The drawing of air into a closed sealed combustion system is part of the functionality of these units. These fireplaces transfer cool air into a lower chamber and into a firebox circulates the air. After the air is warmed up it is sent into the room by the operation of a fan which delivers soothing warmth to those in the room. On cold nights, this type of radiant heat is something everyone in the room can enjoy. Events are positioned from these units at the rear and top of the fireplace which convey harmful exhaust gas generated by the unit to the outside air, leaving the quality of the air inside unaffected.

High Efficiency Heating
When compared to the old wood-burning fireplaces of the past, the heating efficiency of these new, direct vent natural gas fireplace units is far ahead. In fact, the heating efficiency that many of these units produce resides around 75% compared to the old-style wood-burning fireplaces that may have operated at around 15% in some cases.

Venting Harmful Gases to the Outside
Through flexible venting, the unhealthy gases produced from the combustion system are channeled to the outside air through the wall or ceiling of the room. These events can be channeled around obstacles in the wall or ceiling in the most efficient manner possible.

Enhance Your Décor
You have a number of options available in terms of color and style with these direct vent natural gas fireplace units that can complement our match your existing interior design. These fireplaces also produce a specific flame presentation that can be quite appealing to the eye and adds to the overall atmosphere produced in the living space.

If you are in the market to shop for one or more direct vent fireplaces for your home, contact an experienced fireplace dealer serving your area to find out about the specific options they have available.

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