A Divorce Law Firm in Rockville Centre NY Represents Clients in Complicated Stepparent Matters

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2019


When a couple is getting divorced and one person is the stepfather to children residing with this couple, the situation of child visitation can become more complicated than usual. Even if the two individuals are relatively amicable, the stepparent will need to document a visitation arrangement with the court instead of just having a casual unwritten agreement. Help can be obtained from a Divorce Law Firm Rockville Centre NY has available.

Creating a Visitation Schedule

There may already be a visitation arrangement with the biological father of these children, so scheduling another visitation agreement can be difficult. Nevertheless, family court judges may be reluctant to end contact between stepparents and children who have built a close, loving relationship. With the assistance of a Divorce Law Firm in Rockville Centre NY, this couple and the natural father may be able to create a new schedule that is beneficial for the youngsters and does not pose great inconvenience for anyone.

Rights of Parents and Stepparents

Even a biological parent does not automatically have legal visitation rights, although that may seem bewildering to a mom or dad who does not have primary physical custody. The circumstances are even more troubling for stepparents, since the legal system does not necessarily view them as having any rights to spend time with the children after divorce.

The Issue of Shared Custody

Stepfathers may have an even harder time if they want to share custody of the children with the ex-spouse. The natural father may not feel comfortable with this arrangement and may even consider petitioning the court for shared custody instead. Trying to keep everyone satisfied is not the goal of the family court judge, who instead is generally most concerned with the well-being of the youngsters.

What’s Best for the Kids

It becomes clear why being represented by a law firm like Simon & Milner is so important in this type of case. The other spouse will need a separate lawyer, and if the natural father wants to be involved in the discussion, legal representation is advisable for him as well. They should focus on what’s best for the kids as much as possible. Details on this particular law firm can be viewed at simonandmilner.com.

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