A Few Brief Recipe Descriptions for Pecans Included in Thank You Gift Baskets in Tucson AZ

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


When someone receives locally sourced Thank You Gift Baskets in Tucson AZ, pecans may be a major portion of the items included. Pecans are grown in southern Arizona, and they are often added to food gift baskets since the nuts are so popular. They provide an excellent way for people to get healthy protein and nutrients while snacking on a tasty treat. Pecans and ground pecan meal also can be included in a wide variety of recipes. They add a contrasting nutty flavor and crunch to soft sweet foods.

An apple and pecan baked treat includes sliced apples with pecan meal or finely chopped nuts on top of the fruit, with that mixture covered by a blend of flour, milk, sugar, butter, and baking powder. It’s baked long enough for the batter to set and can be served in squares as a dessert or snack. How about cream puffs with chopped pecans blended into vanilla ice cream? To make butter pecan ice cream, a person can use an all-natural vanilla dairy product and mix in pecans that have been sauteed in butter. Pecan pie is a traditional southern favorite, especially at holiday time. A resident of any part of the country can bring a southern flair to holiday meals by adding a filling with pecans, eggs, vanilla extract, sugar and butter to a homemade pie crust. Traditionally, corn syrup has been added as well, although health-conscious individuals increasingly prefer to limit their intake of that sweet substance.

Some delicious treats can either be made at home with pecans or purchased at a shop such as Green Valley Pecan Company Store. An example would be chocolate camelback candies, which also feature caramel in the middle. It can be fun to make those at home but, obviously, it’s much more convenient to buy them from this type of store. Bought locally, the candies are known for being wonderfully fresh and having a delightful flavor. Pecan brittle also can be purchased here and included in Thank You Gift Baskets in Tucson AZ. Flavored pecans, such as honey roasted nuts or pecans in praline style, will be welcome too.

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