A Fire Extinguisher Service In Salt Lake City Can Save Lives

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


People need to know that a Fire Extinguisher Service in Salt Lake City can help save lives. Fire extinguishers can be used to control a fire before firefighters get to the scene. In some cases, using a fire extinguisher can allow a person to escape from a house fire. Those who are shopping for these life-saving pieces of equipment need to know that there are different types of classifications for fire extinguishers. A fire extinguisher can be type A, B, or C. There are extinguishers that combine some of the types together so that they can fight more fires. A good number of the devices that are offered to residential customers are a combination of all three types.

A quality Fire Extinguisher Service in Salt Lake City can help a person decide which size extinguisher to purchase. Some people think that getting a bigger extinguisher is always the best thing to do, but there are times when a large extinguisher is too much for a person to handle. Large extinguishers can be too heavy for some elderly people. When it comes to controlling fires, every second counts. People who can’t handle extinguishers for whatever reason are putting themselves at risk. Smaller extinguishers can do just fine to control fires when fires are just starting out, and placing more smaller extinguishers in a home is a good safety plan.

It’s important to understand that extinguishers can develop problems over time. There are times when extinguishers lose pressure. People who don’t monitor the pressure of their extinguishers are often surprised to find that the extinguishers don’t work when they are needed. Fortunately, individuals can buy sensors for their extinguishers that will easily allow them to monitor pressure. Once pressure gets too low, people can refill their extinguishers so they will work when they are needed. Some fire extinguishers can be connected to a home’s security system. When the extinguisher is used, the company monitoring the security system will contact the fire department.

People who are interested in fire extinguishers can find out more at or similar websites that are dedicated to fire safety. When shopping for fire extinguishers, people should also shop for smoke detectors if they don’t have any.

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