A Guaranteed Quality Pipeline Construction Service in Alberta

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2020


Petroleum is an important resource in Alberta and everything related to the extraction, refinement and transport of this resource. It’s not surprising that the industries connected to petroleum and oil are what takes precedence, where any skill, expertise and resource are further refined for better efficiency and reliability.

We at Platinum Pipe Fitting as one of the respected pipeline contractors in Alberta are honed by that same demanding industry. Nothing less will do. That’s why we guarantee our work. We guarantee the result and consistency of our service.

That’s what you’re getting from Platinum Pipe Fitting.

We’ve been in the business of pipeline construction service for close to 19 years today since we started our service in Edson, Alberta right when the oil and gas industry was rapidly expanding.

Today, we’ve earned the respect within the industry as a provider of facility construction, maintenance projects, pipeline installations and structural welding work around the area of West Central Alberta.

Our workforce is highly skilled, well-trained and experienced, able to use every tool needed to get the job done on any site. That’s how we’ve earned the trust and relationship with clients like Peyto, Enerplus, Harvest Operations Corp and Canadian Natural to name a few.

Our experiences span a diverse list of facilities from gas plants, oil batteries and tank farms to lease sites, multi-well pads and module assemblies. Through these projects, we’ve laid down subterranean pipes between wells, tanks and process equipment.

If you’re looking for pipeline contractors in Alberta that can give you that guaranteed result, give us a call at Phone No.

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