A Guide To Aran Knitwear

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2022


Aran knitwear is made using the best Aran yarns. It is most associated with Ireland and popular gifts that are given in that country. Traditionally, Aran sweaters are knit from natural, undyed wool with an array of elaborate cable stitches. While in the past the natural lanolin was retained in order to increase water resistance, but is removed in modern Aran knitwear to enhance the appearance. The cosiness and warmth of these garments make them ideal for winter weather.

A Rich History

Traditional Aran knitwear is prized for its comfort and quality. Warm and comfortable, it was originally designed for fishermen on the Atlantic coast to help withstand the harsh conditions that they faced. This is apparent in the Aran cardigan and jumper.

The name for these garments is derived from the Aran Islands located just off the coast of Ireland, which is where Aran knitwear originated. The main industry for these islands was fishing, which required the men to work at sea in small boats day after day. The women would knit the jumpers to help keep the men as dry and warm as possible while they were out fishing all day long. The stunning, complex, and detailed cable knitting design sets the Aran knitwear apart from all other coastal garments.

Aran knitwear has become a timeless treasure that remains in high demand as a popular Irish gift both at home and abroad. It serves as a symbol specifically of West Ireland, but also Ireland as a whole.

It would easily take even the most experienced knitter over a week working full time to create an Aran jumper by hand. Therefore, today they are made by machine in order to keep the prices more affordable. Regardless, the machine-made garments of modern day look just as amazing as the originals with such elaborate cable stitches as the honeycomb, tree of life, blackberry, and moss stitches.

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