A Guide to the Caskets Used in Deltona, FL Cremations

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


Many Deltona families choose cremation instead of burial, often because it is a budget-friendly, simple option. Professionals who offer complete packages for less than $1,000. All cremations must include a casket. There are several types available and they are usually simpler than those which are buried. Caskets in Deltona FL may be supplied by the cremation provider, or clients can provide containers as long as they meet legal requirements.

The Law Requires Cremation Caskets

Cremations may be quick and simple, but the law still requires that each body be in a container. Regulations state that it has to be fully combustible and rigid. The container cannot have any metal parts. Cremation Caskets in Deltona FL can take any form, with the majority being simple containers made of corrugated cardboard. They have reinforced bottoms but are otherwise very plain. Cardboard caskets are the default containers provided by funeral homes when clients request cremation.

Clients Can Provide Caskets

The choice of a cremation casket often depends on the type of arrangements being planned. As a result, some clients opt for the default cardboard products and others order their own containers. For instance, families who simply want a body cremated and plan hold a memorial later often choose basic services via sites like fourtownscremationinc.com. When they Visit the website customers can pay for a cremation package. Once cremation is complete, ashes are returned in a simple box. However, those who want a viewing might rent a reusable visitation casket with a liner that holds the body. Cremation takes place after visitors leave. Families can also buy custom wooden caskets as well as “green” coffins made of eco-friendly materials.

Cremation Caskets Are More Affordable

Some clients choose cremation caskets based on their beliefs, but price is a deciding factor for most. A typical casket used in burials costs anywhere from $1,000 to several thousands of dollars. Plain wooden coffins are about half that. Clients who want a traditional casket but also choose cremation can order specially-made all wood versions that start at around $500.

As cremation has grown in popularity, so has the choice of caskets used in the process. The default caskets offered by cremation providers are basic cardboard containers that meet basic legal requirements. However, clients can also order a wide variety of all wood containers that range from simple to elaborate.

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