A Moving Company in Connecticut Can Help You Get Organized

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


Each year, one in five families in the US decides to make a move. When this happens, they also need to practice their organizational skills, After all, if you are not well-organized, every part of your life can end in a jumble in a cluttered van. If you do not want this to happen, then you need to contact a professional mover.

Buy a Moving Planner

A moving company in Connecticut can arrange your belongings and pack them so that they reach their destination without incident. However, you also want to take part in the process. That is why it is a good idea to buy a moving planner to streamline the process.

Naturally, a Connecticut moving company can alleviate some of the organizational burden. However, you also need to produce a checklist and calendar of the activities that you need to do in order to efficiently move. It goes without saying that being organized takes some time and thought. So, you need to write down your moving tasks and carefully consider them.

Deciding on What and What Not to Keep

Before you contact a moving company, you have to prepare. So, planning is an essential activity in the moving process. In fact, you need to start compiling a checklist about two months before your scheduled move date. During this time, you need to sort and purge items and furnishings and decide which items will require special packing or additional insurance coverage.

You also need to review your moving company options. Do not depend on a single estimate quoted over the telephone. The moving quote should be made on site. Receive the quotes in writing from each company you contact.

Once you select a mover, you can order moving supplies and start using up the products that you don’t want to move, such as cleaning supplies and perishable foods. Also, check the room dimensions of your new home to make sure that your furniture will fit through the doors. About a month before you move, make sure you have a confirmation in writing of your moving date and the associated costs.

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