A Personal Injury Law Firm In Queens County NY Will Protect Your Interests

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


After an accident has occurred, a victim has three years to file a lawsuit against the negligent party. Although three years is a long time, it’s important to contact a Personal Injury Law Firm Queens County NY as soon as possible after an accident. The main reason for hiring legal representation is because the insurance company will attempt to force someone to settle their case well before they’ve finished their medical treatment. Many insurance companies will try to place the blame for the accident on the innocent victim. Even if someone’s not at fault, the adjuster could attempt to negotiate the settlement with a percentage of the accident being held against them.

In the case of an automobile accident, the options for filing a lawsuit may be held to a no-fault law. No matter who caused the accident, this law forces a victim to collect money from their own insurance policy first. This law would not be applied if the accident met the serious injury threshold. In a no-fault state, the victim’s insurance company will pay some or all of their medical bills and lost earnings. In many no-fault states, a victim cannot file a claim for compensation for pain and suffering against a negligent driver unless an injury is considered sufficiently serious or reaches a certain level of medical bill amounts.

The fault and no-fault laws can be very confusing especially during this emotionally traumatic situation. Attempting to settle the situation along would be one of the biggest mistakes any victim could make. A Personal Injury Law Firm Queens County NY can represent victims of:

• Paralysis.

• Work-related accidents.

• Construction site accidents.

• Motorcycle accidents.

• Broken bones.

• Spinal cord or nerve injuries.

• And much more.

A serious injury can last a lifetime and require extensive medical treatment, surgeries or care. The Law Office of Steven R. Smith is aggressive in fighting for a victim’s rights. They will be the biggest asset a victim can have in their corner. It’s more important that a victim focuses on their rehabilitation from the injuries they received and let the attorney take care of the rest. For more information, please visit us to website.

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