A Plumber In Memphis Can Make Sure All Your Drains Are Open and Clean

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


Sudden sewer line backups can be prevented by inspecting your sewer line for blockages, which often develop when tree roots invade the sewer line. The tree doesn’t have to be in your yard, because tree roots can travel over 100 feet seeking water. The roots will find a way to get into the sewer line. They will form a large clog, completely blocking the line over time. Occasionally, children will put a toy down the toilet, and it will catch debris and eventually block the line.

When these events happen, you will experience a mess unlike any other in your home. The way to prevent this from happening is to have your sewer line inspected by an experienced plumber in Memphis. He will run a video camera into the sewer line and get pictures of every inch of the line. This will also show the condition of the line’s walls. They may be full of debris and starting to constrict the line. The inspection may also show broken clay piping or rusted cast iron pipes. Both are common in older homes and both will cause blockages.

The plumber in Memphis can break up a clog by running a high pressure water hose into the line with rotating cutter blades that rip the clog into small pieces and wash it down into the main system. The plumber will examine the sewer line for breaks which can be repaired with high tech methods not involving trenching.

Other drains in the home should be examined to detect problems with grease or hair buildup. The same equipment can be used, except a smaller diameter cutter blade will be used. Every drain in the house should be inspected with a camera for signs of a clog or a potential leak. Keeping the drains clear is a sanitary practice which will pay off in the long run.

Homes built on a slab should have all water lines under or in the slab inspected with the mini-cam so that leaks can be found. Leaks under a slab will cause the dirt beneath the slab to destabilize and the slab to crack. A precautionary measure will save a lot of money in foundation repairs. Refer to website for more information.

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