A Quick Guide to Trenchless Pipe Repair

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2017


Is your sewer line in need of repair? Before you call somebody to start digging up your yard and pulling up pipes, consider another option. Maybe trenchless pipe repair in Riverdale is right for you.

What Is a Trenchless Pipe?

A trenchless pipe is exactly what it sounds like. This type of sewer line does not require you to excavate your lawn; instead, it uses cameras to repair or completely replace parts of your sewer pipes. Your plumbing expert creates an entry and exit holes to access underground pipes and pull them through the hole.

How Much Does a Trenchless Pipe Cost?

Trenchless pipe repair in Riverdale is often more affordable than traditional excavation methods of repair. While excavation can cost as much as $20,000 per job, trenchless jobs cost less since they do not require fixing the landscape or cleaning up the mess. However, the exact cost of your trenchless sewer repair depends on your specific land and needs.

Will a Trenchless Pipe Work for My Sewer?

Every situation is different. Sewer systems are not all created alike, nor do they all have the same issues. Your plumbing expert can tell you if trenchless repair works for your needs. However, trenchless technology is clean, cost-effective and more efficient for most sewer problems.

What Kind of Trenchless Repairs Are Available?

Trenchless pipe repair is common for two types of problems: liner placement and burst pipes. A liner placement helps to protect your existing sewer line while a burst pipe requires the team to dig entry and exit holes to remove old pipes and place new pipes.

Even though it’s more affordable, you may be wondering if trenchless pipe repair in Riverdale will last long enough to make the price reduction worth it. The truth is, the answer depends on who you hire to do the job. A company that only uses high-quality products installed by expert plumbers will likely perform a longer-lasting job than a company that cuts corners with shoddy products and untrained employees. Do some research before deciding whether to hire anyone to work on your sewer line. Contact Hammond Services for more information.

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