A Quick Look at One Common Type of Rigging in San Antonio Today

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Large machines and pieces of equipment require special precautions when they are to be set up or moved any distance at all. Experts at Rigging in San Antonio like those at DFW Movers and Erectors Inc. have the skills needed to carry out such projects successfully.

A Time Tested Approach to Hoisting and Rigging

Many of the fundamentals of modern rigging practice were developed centuries ago aboard oceangoing ships. Today’s professionals who focus on Rigging in San Antonio, however, will inevitably employ tools and supplies that were not available to their historical predecessors.

In many cases, relatively well developed and standardized rigging arrangements will be used a number of times throughout a single project. One of the most common setups includes components such as the following, each of which serves a particular, well defined purpose:

• Sling

A sling made from strong, soft nylon webbing, steel cable, or even chain will be attached to a machine or a targeted part of it. This crucial component of the rigging to be developed will need to bear as much force as any other part might. It must be arranged such that it will support the specified point without causing damage or being prone to breakage itself.

• Hook

The carefully assembled sling will then be attached to a hook which connects it to the rest of the rigging system. A hook used for this purpose will often be fitted with a spring-loaded latch that prevents slippage while still allowing easy engagement and removal.

• Block

In many cases, the ability to lift and lower a particular part of a machine or the entire mass will be facilitated by a block that allows a strong cable to roll through its integrated pulley. A switch attached to the line will prevent the setup from exceeding predefined limits and potentially endangering the operator.

• Hoist

Finally, a remote controlled hoist will be positioned above and attached to the block so as to provide the power needed to move the entire assembly as needed.

A Simple Solution to Some Truly Formidable Problems

Setups like this one are regularly employed by experts at rigging in the area to accomplish especially impressive things. Even where each part of such a system is simple in its own right, the combined effect can be spectacular.

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