A Simple Rental Makes Your Company Look Big in Florida

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2020


A Simple Rental Makes Your Company Look Big in Florida Trade shows are an effective tool to market any organization and meet new contacts who could result in future business. Show booths come in many styles and types. Companies that attend a full schedule of functions typically own a set or more of displays. However, many companies attend just a few shows each year. That’s when trade show display rentals come in handy.

Renting gives companies an option to switch display designs between shows. This enables a fresh look and second chances from potential clients, employees, or anyone else the organization wants to attract. Specialized ogos and other materials can be printed and temporarily affixed to temporary displays.

Testing New Designs
Companies that attend trade shows frequently will make significant investments in booth designs and structures. Renting and working with a few options helps organizations decide on a permanent replacement to use on their trade show schedule.

Lower Cost
A high-end booth rented a few times per year will probably cost less than a permanent unit. Renters don’t have to pay for major costs such as design, storage, and maintenance costs. Companies will conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine if renting or owning is the best way forward.

Rockway Exhibits + Events offers an extensive line of trade show display rentals from our Orlando location. Our displays are used by a host of recognizable companies, and we’d love to make yours stand out, too. Visit us online to review our selection of exhibit and display solutions.

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