A Speech Language Pathologist in Madison CT Restores Speech Through Rehabilitation

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


The art of verbal communication is not something that most people spend much time contemplating before opening their mouths and uttering their thoughts into words. The need for forethought regarding speech changes however, for those who are already skilled and then an unexpected disease, brain disorder or even brain damage occurs. The world would change in an instant if the population’s basic abilities to communicate was not an innate ability or the skill ended abruptly. The basic functionality of life would come to a screeching halt both personally and on a business level. Speech is a necessity of life with certain physical components that have to work in synchronicity to be audible and legible. When a person at birth does not have the normal innate ability to articulate speech or an adult later in life experiences some sort of pathology, there is help available through the services of a trained speech practitioner.

The system of hearing, swallowing and memory are all connected with uttering the words that come to mind. When a child is born with a brain dysfunction, this system of speech has to be taught rather than it coming naturally as it does for most people. Down’s syndrome, Asberger’s disorder, Cerebral Palsy and a cleft palate could all seriously impair an individual’s ability for normal speech. In adults, a stroke, hearing loss, dementia and Parkinson’s disease all impair the brain’s ability to send normal signals for verbal articulation. Speech must then be worked with over a period of time by an expert, until new memories and synapses in the brain can be created.

A professional can evaluate, diagnose and treat the disorder and implement the protocols necessary for an individual to return to the normalcy of verbal communication. A Speech Language Pathologist in Madison CT is available for your particular speech and language needs whether they have arisen through birth or brain trauma. For more information, Click here to explore the services available for rehabilitation.

Conveying messages via verbal enunciation is often taken for granted in a world that is dependent on this everyday function. It’s nice to know that there is help available through the services of a Speech Language Pathologist in Madison CT to remedy the outcome of disorders originating from birth or later in life.

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