A Variety of Uses for Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractor in Katy, Texas

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2018


Asphalt is used on everything from roads to roofs. Commercial services involve the placement of asphalt on things such as parking lots and walkways. You may not even notice when you are walking on an asphalt walkway. These may be found in places like parks and zoos. The parking lot of your favorite mall is most likely asphalt, as well. This versatile material can be found in many areas that need to support heavy vehicle or foot traffic.


Outdoor public venues often have trails for people to walk on. When you go to the park, there may be a track that goes around the outside for people to run or walk on. This is often made of asphalt. A trail through the park or zoo may also be made of asphalt to make it easy for guests to get where they want to be. These are helpful because they do not get muddy the way that a dirt trail does. A commercial asphalt paving contractor in Katy, Texas can help you design a trail for your business. In some cases, the same commercial asphalt paving contractor can handle large residential jobs, such as a long driveway up to a country house.

Parking Areas

The most common job for a commercial asphalt paving contractor may be parking lots. These are necessary for most businesses and must be done well. They need to look proper and stand up too many years of use. Concrete parking areas can crack and age quickly. Asphalt is much more flexible and resilient to extreme heat and cold. The repair options are also much easier to implement when necessary. Visit the website Teaguesasphaltpaving.com to find out more about asphalt for your business.

When a new building or park is designed, there are many areas designated for cars and walking. Asphalt is often used to make clear trails that are easy to keep clean. Commercial contractors can help you come up with a great design to accent your space.

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