Accidents Involving Deer and Auto Insurance in South Austin TX

Posted By : alex , on Jul, 2014


Unfortunately, there are a lot of deer in central Texas. And they may end up being hit by vehicles while crossing the road. It is important to understand what will happen when filing an insurance claim on auto insurance in South Austin TX for this type of accident. If the motorist has comprehensive and collision coverage, the damage from this type of accident will be paid minus the deductible. Whether or not it is a comprehensive or collision claim depends on what caused the accident. Premiums often do not rise as a result of filing a claim on a deer accident. Most people should not fear filing a claim.

In general, collisions with a deer are considered comprehensive claims. In many instances, the motorist did almost nothing to contribute to causing the accident. For example, it is common for deer to run into the road and stare at the headlights of a fast approaching vehicle. When this happens, there is often insufficient time for the motorst to avoid a collision or to stop. It may be accurate to say that there was nothing that a motorist could foresee to avoid the accident. Comprehensive claims are for events like vandalism, theft, trees falling on top of a car, or rocks hitting the windshield. A deer running out into the road and getting hit is considered a comprehensive claim. In most instances, there is little or no risk of premium increases for this type of claim although comprehensive claims information is shared with all insurers.

There are some instances when the motorist swerved to avoid the deer and hit a tree or some other object. In this case, it will be considered a collision claim. The vehicle was driven into a tree even though it was done in order to avoid an accident with a deer. Unlike the previous example, the tree did not somehow do something to collide into the vehicle. Unfortunately, a motorist filing this type of claim may end up with a negative insurance claims record due to filing a collision claim, which may result in future premium increases.

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