Addressing the Water Issues with a Flat Roof Installation in Brookfield, WI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Flat roofs are an interesting design to choose as part of a new home. While they certainly have their flaws, the flat roof does have some redeeming qualities that makes it ideal for certain applications. These applications can include utilizing the roof as extra living space such as establishing a deck for access to incredible views from the home. Before the flat roof is installed, there are some key items to take care of to ensure that it’s flaws don’t turn into a major problem.

One of the items to address with a flat roof installation in Brookfield, WI is making sure that there is a slight grade to the roof. This will help the water to drain off the roof and into the appropriate drainage spot. A slight slope won’t change the usability of the roof. However, it is necessary because flat roofs are highly prone to water just sitting on them. This can lead major problems down the road.

Another item to address is the drainage system of the roof. Ideally, the drain should lead to a gutter system just like the rest of the roof. Keep in mind that the drain must be periodically cleaned to keep the water flowing off the roof properly. While this drain can tie in with other parts of the system, it does need to be placed at the lowest point to catch all of the water.

One of the biggest flaws to address with flat roofs is the seams of the roof. This is the place where water is most likely to leak. In a typical flat roof installation in Brookfield, WI, the seams do travel up the sides of the surrounding building instead of being placed at roof level. This helps to prevent water penetration in these areas and directs the water to the place it should go.

Establishing a flat roof can add value if it is done in the correct manner. In order to ensure that it is adequately protected from water, make sure these items are adequately addressed. Visit website for more information on flat roofs and how they are installed.

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