Advantages and Features of Privacy Fences in St Paul

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Privacy fences in St Paul normally are 6 ft. tall in the backyard so they effectively hide people from view. These tall fences are generally not allowed in front yards and may be prohibited if they interfere with street intersection visibility.


The fences offer privacy from neighbors and passersby on streets from which people can see the yard. They also create boundaries that children can be instructed not to cross when playing in the backyard, and they are effective for containing dogs.

Another advantage is the obstruction to would-be trespassers. Sometimes simply preventing people from taking shortcuts through neighborhood backyards is enough motivation for a fence construction project.

With this type of fencing, household residents are free to create their own backyard paradise and feel comfortable that nobody is able to spy in a nosy way on their activities. They can relax on patio or lawn furniture while sipping a soft drink or an adult beverage.

They can have guests over for a barbecue and not worry about curious neighbors watching what is going on. Someone who enjoys sunbathing but is uncomfortable about the possibility of observers will greatly appreciate the seclusion.


Privacy fences in St Paul are usually built of wood or vinyl since the panels can be adjacent to each other. Many property owners love the look of authentic wood. Vinyl can be crafted to look very much like wood, but it’s difficult to make it look like real cedar.

However, the cost of wood is higher than for vinyl, and more maintenance is required. Chain-link and wrought iron fences only work well for privacy if they are shielded with vines or other plants.


Designs for the vertical panels tend to be similar in privacy fencing, although they can vary in width and color. Customers can choose from several designs with a contractor like Dakota Unlimited for the top of the fence. This gives it a more a unique look in the neighborhood.

Curves along the top look like waves. A lattice top is especially nice when the property has other features with the crisscross design, like a pergola or entry arch. Visit our website today.

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