Advantages of a Richmond, VA Memory Care Community for Alzheimer’s Patients

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Assisted Living


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Many families delay moving a parent with Alzheimer’s dementia in Richmond, VA to an assisted living community until they must do so for safety considerations. These relatives may feel guilty, but they shouldn’t. If they have chosen a reputable care community, their loved ones will have significant advantages there. Quality of life will likely improve, and so may the person’s cognitive function.

More Socialization Opportunities

People with Alzheimer’s dementia in Richmond, VA who live alone may become somewhat isolated and lonely. That can happen even when family members visit daily. Someone with impaired memory and cognitive function may avoid going out or even talking on the phone. There are fears about getting lost, not recognizing someone, or being unable to understand a conversation.

This no longer is the case in a memory care community. The staff members encourage residents to join in activities that stimulate the mind and provide socialization opportunities. Enjoyable, non-threatening activity enhances a person’s mood and can improve cognitive abilities.

Regular Nutritious Meals

These organizations have menus designed by dietitians so that residents eat nutritious, tasty meals. Often, a person with dementia who lives at home does not eat well-rounded meals regularly. He or she might rely a great deal on frozen dinners or forget to prepare anything. A boost of essential nutrients can improve all-around health as well as cognitive function.

Physical Fitness Activities

A community offering numerous physical fitness activities appeals to families who want their loved ones to experience enhancements in strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. They’ll look for a place with fitness equipment, a swimming pool, and a calendar of activities.

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