Advantages of Hiring a Tree Service for Stump Grinding in East Lyme, CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Trees that are diseased, damaged after a storm, or pose a danger to nearby structures must be removed by a professional. Once the trees are gone, though, they leave large and unsightly stumps behind. The best solution for property owners who need to have trees removed is to hire a tree service that can also perform stump grinding in East Lyme, CT.

Remove Unsightly Stumps

Live, healthy trees can significantly increase a home’s property value. Dead, rotting stumps, on the other hand, can have exactly the opposite effect. Hiring a professional to remove unsightly stumps can restore the area to its original beauty and allow property owners to replace their missing trees with new landscaping features.

Promote Safe Play

Families should be particularly concerned about the stumps left behind after a tree is removed, as they can pose a safety hazard to children playing in the yard. This problem only gets worse over time, as the stumps will become less obvious as they decompose but won’t become any less easy to trip over. Avoiding the possibility of injury is as simple as calling a tree service for stump grinding in East Lyme, CT, so there’s no excuse not to be a responsible parent and property owner.

Save Time and Energy

Some property owners think to themselves that they may as well save a few bucks and remove the stumps themselves. They assume taking a stump out of the ground can’t be as dangerous as chopping down the tree, but they often underestimate the amount of time and energy that must be devoted to removing these unsightly remains. It’s always a better idea to entrust removal and grinding of the stump to a professional with adequate knowledge and equipment to handle the problem quickly and efficiently.

Ensure the Continued Health of Nearby Plants

If the tree that was removed showed signs of disease or insect infestation, leaving the stump behind can also pose a danger to surrounding plants. In comparison, having the stump professionally removed gives property owners the chance to consult a dedicated arborist about what tree is best suited to replace the one that has been removed.

Get Help Today

Removing those old, unsightly stumps is a simple matter of calling a local tree company for help. Contact Dunn’s Tree Service to get started.

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