Advantages of LED Lighting Installation in New York City

Posted By : alex , on Oct, 2014


The benefits of installing LED Lighting are enormous. First, LED Lights are energy star rated, cost effective, and last longer than other types of lights. Designed with the latest technology and the needs of the people in mind, LED Lighting Installation in New York City is an excellent alternative to halogen and traditional lights. Here are a few benefits of LED lighting from Integrity Eletric:

Energy Efficient: Halogen lights can blow out your pocket with high electricity costs. A 50W halogen light, for example, uses only 10 percent of electricity to produce light while rest of power is converted into heat. LED lighting use approximately 15 percent of energy used by halogen lamps to generate high light output and conserve energy. When used with energy conservation technologies such as low voltage LED drivers, LED lighting can generate a higher light output

Durable: They are superior products with the ability to withstand elements of weather. Generally, LED lights have a lifespan of up to 80k hours meaning that they require less maintenance to keep them in an ideal condition. They do not come with filaments and this makes them capable of resisting intense vibrations and shock. This makes them durable and less vulnerable to breaking.

Fast Switching: LED lights have the ability to give maximum light when switched on. They do this always, so you do not have to worry about finding a backup light. The fact that they have instant switch on and off capacity makes them a good option to save on energy and lower the annual energy costs. This feature makes them a great option for use in flash light systems, traffic lighting and other applications that require instant switch on and off. These lights also retain their brightness compared to halogens that fade to give a less bright light.

They are Safe: Since LED lights run on low voltage and do not emit a lot of heat, they are safe to handle when repairing, installing and maintaining the lighting system.

In addition to the above benefits, LED lighting is eco-friendly: They are mercury-free and they neither contain nor emit harmful UV rays that are dangerous to the ecosystem. With these benefits, LED Lighting Installation in New York City has become the most popular lighting solution in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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