Advantages of SOD Installation in Elliott City, MD and Caring for Grass

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Tree Services


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SOD Installation in Elliott City MD provides property owners with an almost instant lawn. There’s no long wait for grass seed to grow, although people and their pets should stay off the grass for the length of time recommended by the installer. That gives the roots better opportunity to grow down into the earth under the sod pieces. This is essential since sod pieces actually contain very little soil. Most of what people see on the bottom consists of roots with some pieces of dirt attached.

Watering the Grass

Immediately after sod installation in Elliott City MD, the grass must be watered thoroughly. Especially on a large lot, it’s best to have all the work done by a professional crew. This makes relatively quick work of the project, including both the installation and the watering. No grass will have a chance to start drying out, which can cause uneven growth and color. Professionals also know exactly how to place the pieces so they bond with the ground and no seams start to show.

After the installation, a lawn will still need to be watered, but less frequently. Deep watering twice each week or so is best instead of shallow watering every couple of days. Of course, the need for water depends on rainfall too.

Considering Grass Types

Some landscaping companies and organizations that specialize almost entirely in sod installation grow a variety of grass types. Others concentrate on one species or particular blend that is best suited for the region’s climate and typical soil composition. People planning to have sod placed will need to check these options with area organizations so they know which contractor is best for their preferences.

A Soft Green Yard Right From the Start

There are certain advantages of growing grass from seed, with the main one being a lower cost than having sod placed. However, many property owners don’t want to wait. They like the idea of having a soft green yard right from the start, with grass the kids can play on within a relatively short time. Get more information from an organization such as Ballard Enterprises about sod installation.

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