Advice From Tile Removal Services in Greeley, Colorado

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Mar, 2019


The installation of new flooring cannot take place until after the removal of all old tile. If flooring is placed on top of worn out tile it can fail to adhere or could buckle and break. Complete removal of the tile, adhesive and grout will protect the new flooring and enable the floor to be level and look better.

Plan for Damage

Homeowners that hope they can remove the tiles without damage so they are reusable will usually feel disappointment at the end of the process. The recommended tools and gear include hammers, chisels, and eye protection. The list proves this is a demolition project and not something done gently. It may be possible to salvage some tiles, but it is unlikely that many will be without some type of damage.

Work in Stages

Tile Removal Services in Greeley CO are a messy profession. The tiles are typically smashed with a hammer and a chisel or scraper goes underneath to pry up the smashed pieces. The adhesive holding the tile to the floor may scrape off easily or may need hammering and scraping as well. The chips and shards of broken tiles are a hazard because they are often very sharp. Clear a section and clean the mess before moving onto the next area to prevent cuts and slippage from the material.

Complete the Project

All adhesive must come up to prevent problems with the new surface material. The process is not one to rush, underestimate or ignore. Plan to spend as much time as it takes to do the job correctly or risk wasting the investment on the new floor. If patience is a problem, consider hiring one of the Tile Removal Services in Greeley CO.

Worn, outdated or damaged tile flooring will lower the value of a home and prevent it from looking its best. Real estate agents insist that flooring influences about 90 percent of home buyers today. Take time to look over the options and choose the flooring that meets the needs of the family and can boost the appeal of the home. Visit company to learn more or to receive a quote. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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