Air Conditioning Repair Tips that can Save You Money

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


When it gets hot outside, it’s always uplifting to know that you can seek respite in your cool, comfortable home beneath the air conditioner. However, sometimes these units break down, and don’t offer the cool temperature you need to feel great. As such, we are here to offer tips on what you can do when your air conditioner isn’t performing to optimal standards.

Ensuring Optimal Operations

If you are experiencing poor quality air-conditioning performance, one of the first things you should do is check your operations manual. This can give clever insights into how to ensure your unit runs optimally. Additionally, many people don’t realize that simple techniques like closing doors and windows can help the unit function. So, before you call for air conditioner repair in Jacksonville from a reputable brand like Air McCall, first find out how you can help your unit function better.

Ensuring your Technician Understands Your Unit

As with almost every other product and piece of equipment in the world, different manufacturers and models will have different specifications. As such, by ensuring that your technician knows the unit well, and understands precisely how to fix it, you can expect repairs or maintenance to happen smoothly, and without unnecessary extra problems or costs. Most qualified and trained technicians will have a general understanding of the different types, but don’t hesitate to offer them your service manual.

Understanding the Refrigerant Charge

As Energy Saver shares, air-conditioning units are initially installed with a set, predetermined amount of refrigerant – known as the charge. This amount should never change, and will only decrease or increase if there is a leak, or during maintenance. So always ensure your technician knows the optimal refrigerant charge, so that they can get it back into perfect performance.

For more personalized tips and information like these, contact Air McCall today and speak with our friendly and insightful consultants.

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