An AC Cleaning Service in Davenport FL Fixes Clogs in Drainage Lines

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Central air conditioning in humid climates is intended not only to keep the home cool but to provide some dehumidification. People may not understand the connection between the dehumidification process and the condensation dripping from a drainage line attached to the air exchanger. There may be a tube placed so the water drips into a floor drain or sump pump well, or there may be a pipe leading outdoors. Eventually, the tube or pipe may become clogged with debris that has accumulated, leading to a leak somewhere in the system. An AC cleaning service in Davenport FL can resolve the problem for an affordable price. That may be a convenient time to have the annual central air and furnace cleaning and inspection done as well if it’s almost due.

This type of leak tends to appear at the point where the tube is attached or at the bottom of the appliance. How much water appears there depends on how bad the clog is and how much the central air runs. The homeowner might ask how this blockage develops and what it’s made of. The technical term for the line plug is “gunk.” Actually, a technician with an AC cleaning service in Davenport FL can explain that bits of dust, pollen and other tiny particles of debris sometimes get past the air filter and into the system, where they become wet through the dehumidification process and gradually turn into slime or sludge. This substance can start to stick in a certain area of the drainage system and begin catching more of this debris until a plug forms. The small amount of condensation that drips down the drainage line is not enough to flush it away.

A technician from a company such as Springer Bros. Air Conditioning & Heating has different strategies to fix the problem, depending on where the clog is located. A wet-dry vacuum cleaner may be helpful, or some forced outward air pressure. If the plug is near one end of the line, simply pulling it out with a tool and cleaning the surrounding area should do the trick. Visit the website for more information on this organization.

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