An Animal Hospital in Clifton VA Offers More Than Just Emergency Care

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


An Animal Hospital in Clifton VA offers more than just emergency care for pets. A facility, such as Crosspointe Animal Hospital, has services for everything a pet requires to live a long and healthy life. As every stage of a pet’s life has different needs, this facility is equipped to handle everything from wellness care to dental care and even boarding and grooming. If an emergency arises that requires surgery, the dedicated veterinary staff has the latest technology to ensure that a pet receives the best care possible.

Wellness Care

Every animal needs regular preventative medical care to reduce the possibility of contracting a deadly disease and to ensure that life can be lived to its fullest. By keeping up-to-date with yearly vaccinations, a pet owner can protect a pet from ailments that could be extremely painful or harmful. Wellness should include proper nutrition, dental care, nail clipping and assistance with grooming. De-worming and flea control can also aid in keeping a pet healthy.

Dental Care

Dental care for animals is just as important as it is for humans. Pets are good at masking pain, but they shouldn’t have to needlessly endure it. A dental cleaning can remove built up tarter and look for issues with the teeth and gums. If a tooth is severely damaged, a quick extraction can reduce any pain that the pet has been having, and limit the possibility of an infection setting in.

Boarding and Grooming

There are times when an animal may need to be boarded for a period of time. Staying at an Animal Hospital in Clifton VA has the benefit of a veterinarian available at all times if an unseen emergency arises. Plus, if the animal is a patient at the facility for regular care, all of the pet’s records can be easily accessed to make a difficult situation easier for both the pet and the veterinarian who is working to find the best treatment plan. When boarding a pet it may be the perfect time to have grooming services done during the visit. A good bathing and a haircut can do wonders for any animal. If other services such as nail trimming and anal expression need to be done, a groomer can also assist with these.

Pets need regular care in order to be healthy. A healthy pet is more fun to be around and may even live a much longer life. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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