An Attorney in Manhattan, KS Handles Cases for Those Arrested for the First Time

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Being arrested for the first time can be frightening. The arrested person will want to make sure they seek legal assistance as quickly as possible so they don’t make any mistakes that could make their situation even worse. Once they hire an attorney in Manhattan, KS, the attorney will help walk them through the entire process and will try to minimize the impact this could have.

Learn About Options for the Case

Most people have heard about plea deals and know they could be found guilty or not-guilty. There are, actually, other options they should consider for their case, and a lawyer can help with this. The lawyer can try to have the charges dismissed, look into a deferred judgment, or see if there are any other options to help the arrested person avoid the full sentence for the crime they’re accused of

Look Into Ways to Have Charges Dismissed

While it doesn’t happen in every case, there are many cases where the charges are dismissed before the trial occurs. The arrested person’s lawyer will look for a way to have the charges dismissed if possible. One of the most common ways to do this is to suppress the evidence against their client so there is not enough evidence to secure a conviction.

Look Into Ways to Avoid a Conviction

Even if the charges can’t be dismissed, there may be other ways to avoid a conviction. A deferred judgment, for instance, enables the person to avoid a guilty verdict so long as they go through the sentencing and complete their sentence. This could be a way to avoid a conviction and a criminal record even if the charges are not dismissed.

Look Into Ways to Minimize the Sentence

If there is no way to avoid a conviction, the lawyer will look into ways to minimize the sentence their client is facing. They will try to convince the judge that their client needs a reduced sentence and limited time in jail. Often, the person will be able to avoid the maximum sentence.

If you’ve been arrested for the first time, don’t try to handle this alone. You will end up with a conviction. Instead, find an attorney in Manhattan, KS to help you work for a better outcome. Visit website for the Oleen Law Firm to find the help you need today.

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