An Introduction To SAP Business ByDesign

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Oct, 2019


Many of the current cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions are designed for large enterprise companies. This can make it difficult for fast developing small to mid-sized companies to access these valuable options in fully connecting all services required to run the business.

The answer to this issue can be found in the SAP Business ByDesign solution. This is a software as a service or SaaS type of solution that is easy to deploy, integrate, and continually update and customize to meet the needs of the business.

This is a fully contained software package solution that can be up and live for your company in just a few weeks. It is offered based on the number of employees and the specific services used, so a growing small to mid-sized company can easily maintain its IT budget while increasing the use of technology in its company management.

Intuitive to Use

Some software solutions are complex and challenging for end-users, but this is not the case with the SAP Business ByDesign solution. The dashboard, reports, analytics, and operational management features are intuitive and provide easy navigation, analytics and reports, and access to the data required.

The service provider selected to develop, deploy, and manage the SAP Business ByDesign solution can customize specific aspects of any of the modules to be tailor-made to fit your business requirements.

The Possibilities

Within the major areas of focus in the SAP Business ByDesign solution, companies can automate and manage their business financial needs, project management, human resources, customer relationship management, procurement, and supply chain management needs.

The end-to-end use of one solution for all of these aspects of business management eliminates the need for multiple programs and apps, endless data entry across programs, and redundancies that limit efficiency. Instead of these issues, it provides a streamlined, effective, and comprehensive view of all aspects of the business in real time, allowing for precision management and informed decision making.

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