Annual Eye Exams And Finding The Best Eye Doctor In Augusta, KS

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2018


Routine eye exams and proper vision screenings are very important to the overall health of a person’s eyes. An exam could turn out to be a life-saving appointment because the eye doctor will be able to detect serious medical problems. The following information will explain more about the benefits of scheduling routine eye exams with an Eye Doctor in Augusta KS.

Identify Possible Health Issues

During the eye exam, the doctor will have an opportunity to see a clear view of the blood vessels and nerves. The eye will reflect medical problems that are happening in other parts of the body. The eye doctor will be able to detect cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, brain bleeds, head trauma, glaucoma, and much more.

How Often Should Appointments be Scheduled?

Children should be seen by an eye doctor before they begin first grade and then about every two years for a full exam. Individuals between the age of eighteen to sixty should schedule an eye appointment at least every two years and more often if any problems are detected. Anyone over the age of sixty one should have a full eye exam on an annual basis.

Monitor for Early Signs of Glaucoma

One of the top benefits of an annual eye exam is the chance for the eye doctor to detect early signs of glaucoma. This is a disease in the optic nerve, which leads directly to the brain, and causes permanent loss of cells. Patients often notice no symptoms and it is vital to schedule routine eye exams so the treatment can begin during the disease’s early stages.

Preserve Vision for Life

Regular eye exams and vision screenings are very important for adults and children. When children are having difficulties learning in school, it is very important to schedule a vision screening and a more detailed eye exam. This will rule out any vision issues and ensure the child is able to see everything properly in the classroom.

Choose The Right Eye Doctor

Contact Visit Grene Vision Group today to learn more about the life-saving benefits of routine eye exams. Now is the perfect time to find a trusted Eye Doctor in Augusta KS.

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