Ants Exterminator In NYC And dealing With Minor And Major Ant Problems

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2015


Ants are a huge problem for some unfortunate homeowners. Once ants invade a home, it seems as if they get into everything. People are often horrified to find ants inside unsecured boxes of food. Ants have even been known to get inside refrigerators. If an ant problem is serious enough, an Ants Exterminator in NYC must be hired. Trying to get rid of a serious ant problem without professional help will usually only result in frustration. The ant colony must be dealt with if the ants have indeed made a home inside of a person’s home.

However, if the problem is just starting out, there are ways that homeowners can deter ants. Storage containers must be purchased for all food items. Cereal shouldn’t be kept in the box it comes in. Instead, it should be poured into a storage container. The same goes for sugar, flour, and any other food items that ants can have easy access to. Eliminating food sources will discourage ants from coming into a home. Even if ants are already inside of a home, they will leave if they don’t have access to food. This means that eating should be restricted to the kitchen. Ants will be attracted to any crumbs that are constantly dropped in other rooms of the house.

Before hiring Ants Exterminator in NYC, ant traps can be used. Sure, ant traps aren’t as effective as business name or any other pest control service, but they can work when the ant problem isn’t a major one. Ant traps can be placed on counters, around baseboards, in basements, and around refrigerators. Since ant traps are cheap, it doesn’t hurt homeowners to stock up on them. There are also some natural ways to deal with ants. Ants don’t like the acid in lemons, so spraying lemon juice seems to keep them away.

It’s also said that ants don’t like peppermint. Peppermint oil can be places around cupboards, baseboards, and other entry points. It’s also great to use when having an event outdoors. It can keep ants away from the food. Borax is another thing that can be used to repel ants.

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