Are Your Solar Eclipse Glasses Safe?

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Eyeglasses


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The next total solar eclipse will occur in the southern hemisphere on July 2, 2019. Many people are beginning to purchase their solar eclipse glasses to make sure they have their glasses before the supply runs out.

2019 Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse is impressive to watch, so you do not want to miss the eclipse on July 2, 2019, in which the path of totality can be observed from the South Pacific Ocean, portions of Argentina, and portions of Chile. The path of totality is where the Moon’s shadow can be seen on Earth as the Moon completely covers the Sun.

A partial eclipse can be seen by eclipse watchers in other areas of South America.

ISO Standard

If you plan on watching the solar eclipse, then you will need a pair of certified solar eclipse glasses. Solar eclipse glasses which are safe to wear will have ISO 12312-2 stamped on the inside of the glasses. However, since the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse, many counterfeit eclipse glasses popped up on the market. The AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force has created a list of approved reputable retailers of solar eclipse glasses. The task force has examined the solar eclipse glasses from the vendors and has certified that their products are ISO compliant.

Viewing Safety

Eclipse watchers should be careful to never look directly at the sun without the protection of solar eclipse glasses or a solar filter. Looking directly at the Sun can cause permanent eye damage. Regular sunglasses do not provide adequate protection from the Sun’s harmful rays. The energy from the sun can burn your eyes and permanently damage the retina.

Purchasing and wearing certified solar eclipse glasses while viewing a total or partial eclipse is the only safe way to look straight at the sun and protect the eyes from sun damage.

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